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Village location of the kitchen and the arrangement of its necessary furniture is planned, it can ensure the good health of the family.

Home or flat – his kitchen the kitchen uses home food Because most of the time you have to stay in time hotel But here if you are preparing food for our whole family then the location of the house and the arrangement of seating and electronic system of the kitchen should be made sure that all the family members are there.

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Note: tips on this subject as much as possible text can be planned your kitchen completely

● You are the fire god ruling the south-east side of the house Hence the name of this side is fireman The work of the kitchen is the work of fire, so the location of the kitchen is best in relation.

If not possible the kitchen can be done in north-western.

● But wherever the kitchen is – it should be ensured that it is not in the brahmasthan of the house.

● The kitchen platform in the kitchen should be placed on the east wall so that cooking is done facing east

● Do not cook facing north or west in any way

● Following this aspect of Vasculature prevents wastage while making cooked food tasty and nutritious. Blessings of Maa Lakshmi, Maa Annapurna are also available.


● Cook while standing on the kitchen bench or if there is no bench, make sure that the gas oven, stove or heater is not facing the main door of the house or the toilet door.

● Many cook under the stairs due to lack of space at home It is not realistic in any way

● Keep kitchen electrical appliances like mixer, grinder, toaster, microwave etc. in south-east corner of kitchen. If there is no space, you can also keep it on the south facing wall

● Install an exhaust fan or chimney etc. on the south facing wall to expel the hot air or smoke from the kitchen.

● Place kitchen tap or water related items in North East corner

● Aqua Guard, filter, water net or container etc. will be in this north-east corner

● Kitchen bench can be made of marble or any other stone But it is good if you can’t use granite

● Stainless sinks can be used Mosaic or marble sinks can also be installed For your convenience, try to place this type of sink on the south side of the kitchen Never place in North-East

● Due to lack of space, sheds have become popular these days However, in the case of houses, the pantry can be placed in the north-west, south or south-west of the kitchen.

● Stainless sinks can be used Mosaic or marble sinks can also be installed For your convenience, try to place this type of sink on the south side of the kitchen Never place in north-east direction

● Due to lack of space, sheds have become a thing these days However in the case of houses – kitchen can be north-west, south or south-west.

● In case of flats the only alternative to this pantry is – kitchen cabinet It can be placed in south or south-west of kitchen

● Utensil rack is also good on south or southwest wall

● Racks or cabinets where spices, rice, pulses etc. are kept are not covered, but the mouth of these spices should never be left open.

● Do not leave cans, knives etc. lying around Always try to keep it in a covered place

● Dispose of daily garbage in covered bins Place this bin in South or North West direction Do not keep dustbin in the east

Health starts from the kitchen So keep it clean regularly To ensure the good health of the whole family, follow the above tips as much as possible. Take the advice of a well-educated kitchen expert to decorate your home kitchen in a very practical way. Then you can get good health, wealth and luck soon


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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