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Removing the shelves from inside the cabinet that you want to replace. All of the existing shelf hardware to make way for the new pull-down shelves. Once you have your shelf inserts, begin the installation process by.

1. Install Pull-Down Shelves

They can be added to almost any other cabinet in the kitchen. Pull-down shelves are inserts that are made to fit inside your existing cabinets. So they’re not very difficult to swap out. They are designed to move forward and down to reduce the reach required to get things from hard to reach spots in the back of the cabinet.

Pull-Down Shelve

2. Cut Down on Duplicate Items

“While it’s tempting to invest in the latest kitchen gadgets, such as bagel cutters or egg slicers, it’s more efficient to get into the habit of investing in kitchen items that have more than one use,” says Jen Nash, senior design lead at Magnet Kitchens. Spatulas, utensils and kitchen tools quickly accumulate in the kitchen. 

Cut Down on Duplicate

3. Use a Pegboard Drawer

Can use Customize a pegboard organizer to fit your dishes.

Use a Pegboard Drawer

4. Add Corner Shelves

perfect for a farmhouse flair. Fill that empty corner with functional accents.

Add Corner Shelves

5. Add a Paper Towel Cabinet Inside

Cleaning up kitchen messes has never been easier. What makes this trash and recycling bin drawer stand out from all the rest: the built-in paper towel rod above it.

Add Corner Shelves

6. Add a Refrigerator Egg Drawer

Worth noting: This organizer comes fully assembled, so all you have to do is clip it onto one of your fridge’s shelves. Easily organize fresh eggs with this refrigerator-ready drawer. 8. Keep Pots and Pans

Refrigerator Egg Drawer

7. Creative With Shelf Storage

Take the wine glass storage, for example: Mount a hanging wine rack under a cabinet to save space and prevent glasses from knocking into one another. Even if you don’t have a separate pantry, you can incorporate these organization ideas into your kitchen. 


8. Kitchen Display Shelves

where you store your favorites and separate them by type. An ordinary closet in your kitchen can become the ultimate drinks station. Installing motion-sensor lights is another great addition.

Kitchen Display Shelves

9. Create a Rolling Cart

Carve out spaces to hold your most-used utensils, baking supplies and spices. In this case, an ice cream-obsessed family dedicated an entire drawer to their sundae-making essentials. Find ways to make your drawers work for you. 

Create a Rolling Cart

10. Functional Kitchen Shelves

This one includes a beautiful counter workspace that’s brilliant for prepping your morning coffee and storing your mugs and cups Similar to this look by designer, you can upgrade your kitchen with a pantry cabinet that’s functional and eye-catching. 

11. Custom Plate Racks

Customize a pegboard organizer to fit your dishes, bowls and plates — a great way to ensure everything stays in place and doesn’t break.

Create a Rolling Cart


When you have an organized kitchen, it is pretty sure you would be having a clean and shiny kitchen. Not all of us have extra space for storage for all the kitchen stuff. 

Be creative and imaginative and create a perfect kitchen storage that everyone will love for its clever and effective use of the space. You can also add some cabinet refacing while you’re at it for maximum cabinet repurposing. Here is our list of the best kitchen storage ideas. Alternatively, here are some brilliant storage ideas to check out.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases